biking in Tuscany


Welcome to this broad valley, where biking is a must, much loved by cyclists. This area is a sort of an ideal bridge connecting Arezzo, Siena and Umbria. The bicycle ride along the Canale Maestro della Chiana is a journey through time and nature: you can pedal right through the heart of the Etruscan world, across a myriad of waterways, in a land that has been shaped by the strength of nature and by the hands of man.
The Tuscan Grand Duke Leopoldo’s hydraulic engineers were the brains behind an impressive work of land reclaiming drainage which completely turned this area into an important agricultural centre; even today, its local economy is intimately tied to local produce, which you can observe by biking through the roads of cheese and fruit, oil and wine. Between Arezzo and Chiusi, there are multiple ways of entering into the heart of an area that has to be thoroughly appreciated, to be lived in, recalling its history and its art, along the century-old waterways, letting yourself be tempted by the wonders of these lands which, apart from how they are usually considered, have a certain smell in the air, a perfume of their own true authenticity.

It’s generally agreed that the bicycling possibilities throughout Tuscany are extremely good – smooth roads, beautiful scenery, challenging climbs, long down hill runs, and historical sites and vineyards on almost every route. The terrain is hilly enough to be fun but not so steep. Plus, the most beautiful parts of Tuscany are its completely deserted back roads, most of them unpaved but perfect for wide tires. So the perfect place who loves biking.

These are some of the routes you can ride on our bikes, will be available free at Podere le Spighe.


Podere le Spighe-Montecchio

Podere le Spighe-Capannacce


Podere le Spighe-Sunflowers Fields